WHMCS - Bulk Domain Updater

The "Bulk Domain Updater" addon provides solution when you need to update the same nameservers to different domains!

We have created an Intelligent AJAX search which is using keywords compared to domain names or client/company full name so you can easily select them all and make changes!


The "Bulk Domain Updater" works with AJAX, so there is nothing hard to do, just type keywords!



  Search Domain and Update

  Match Nameservers and Update


Supported Features

  Domain Intelligent AJAX Search (Results based on domains names or on Client's Fullname / company name)

  Retrieves the current Domain Namerserver's

  It detects if a hosting package is assigned to domain

  Mass AJAX Domain Nameservers 1-5 Update

  Ability to change Server package to each hosting plan

  Add / Remove domains with easy into working area. No deep knowledge required

  Domain Lock status switch from locked to unlocked and revert back the status after the Namerserver's Update


Ideal for

  Mass Domain nameservers Change

  Server Transfer (nameservers update+ Server package)

  Search and  brief display per domain or client's domains

  Replace old nameservers with new without selecting domains


Compatibility: WHMCS 5.x - 6.x - 7.x

Support & Updates: 1 year FREE, optional renew with 7,90 Euro / year

License is for only one use (1 domain/IP)

Rated 5/5 based on 20 customer reviews

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