Shoutcast Stats plus Ajax Module Refresh for Joomla

  • Joomla Version: 1.5 2.5 3.x
  • Extension: Module
  • Type: Commercial
  • Price (without Tax): 16.60
  • License: GPL License v2+

Shoutcast Stats is PHP Stand Alone script and can run to every server with PHP support. You can embed with iframe to any page to any site.

 If your site is Joomla, we provide a Joomla Module with AJAX refresh (demo page, at right) and no need to use iframe code.

(In order to test if AJAX Refresh working we add a clock on the top to check changed time, at demo page)


Our Shoutcast Joomla Stats Script can display / have the following features:

  Dj / Show

  Current Song

  History of played Songs (Last 20,but most shoutcast providers allow 10).

  Bitrate ex. 64 Kbps.

  Genre ex. Rock

  Multilanguage (English,Portuguese & Greek) - Easy to make you own lang.

  Listeners / Max Server listeners. ex Listeners online: 10/80

  AverageTime listening your radio (new!!!)

  Peak listeners (Most simultaneous listeners)(new!!!)

  Abilty to add Fake/virtual Listeners. example: currentlisteners*2+8 /maxserverlisteners

  CSS easy customizing

  Player buttons (default player)Listen Now with Default player Listen Now Winamp!! Listen Now Media Player!! Listen Now Real Player!

 Greek chars Support (new!!!)


Important Note: If your shoutcast server is different with your web-host then you have to communicate with company in order to open the stream port in firewall. Or you can change the port to 80, if audio server permit this.


IMPORTANT Server Requirements

  • Ioncube Loaders
  • PHP 5.3+ - 7.0
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