The Database Converter Tool is a standalone PHP script and works with Joomla 3 (may on Joomla 2.5). Joomla 4 is not supported
Το Glami Pixel είναι μία υπηρεσία του Glami η οποία σας επιτρέπει να έχετε στατιστικά για πωλήσεις και επισκέψεις, μέσω live στατιστικών που δίνει η ιστοσελίδα σας μέσω του extension αυτού. Το plugin προσθέτει αυτόματα τον απαραίτητο κώδικα στις σελίδες του Virtuemart e-shop σας καθώς και στο thank you page μετά την ολοκλήρωση της πληρωμής.
The Bestprice 360 is a service of Bestprice.gr which allows you to have stats on sales and visits, through live statistics gives your website through this extension. The plugin automatically places all required code to your Virtuemart Eshop pages and in thank you page after order payment.
Joomla Site Plugin works successfully ONLY on PHP 7.2 or lower! For PHP 7.3 Joomla core team has to add this feature I guess. For temporary solution on PHP 7.3+ you can check our post here https://joomla.stackexchange.com/a/28736/8936 Plugin works on Joomla 2.5/3.x. We don't provide support to this plugin.
The Virtuemart Facebook Pixel system plugin provides full integration between your Joomla Virtuemart eshop and facebook events
Virtuemart Order SMS notify customer via sms for order confirmation or status change.
Διασύνδεση J2 Store με Τράπεζα Πειραιώς (Gateway Plugin) , μέσω της Redirection μεθόδου Το Piraeus - Winbank J2 Store gateway plugin δίνει τη δυνατότητα στους πελάτες σας να πραγματοποιούν online συναλλαγές με χρήση της πιστωτικής τους κάρτας (VISA / MasterCard / Maestro / κτλ.). Η πληρωμή από τον πελάτη γίνεται στο περιβάλλον (secure webpage) της Τράπεζας Πειραιώς, μέσω της Redirection μεθόδου.
Virtuemart Cart Auto Save is complete software designed to: make it easy for your website visitors to recall their shopping cart automatically when they come back to help you increase your product sales from orders that ase abandoned (not completed orders). The problem A common problem in e-shops is that customers are abandoned the cart, without completing their order. As a result, when the browser closes, the contents of the cart are lost. This can happen intentionally, unintentionally or due to a technical problem (early session expires). The solution, the smart cart The Virtuemart Cart Auto Save software offers solution to that problem. The software stores the user's cart and recall it when the customer revisits the website. As a result, it saves for the customer time, effort and re-comparing products, and for the e-shop owners sales earning from previous «abandoned cart». The Joomla Component can store the cart for both registered and guests customers. For registered customers the cart remains stored and not lost until the selected products have been sold out. For unregistered customers, the application can help in the following ways: In case the customer has given consent (became aware of the GDPR), cookies can be placed for a certain period of time, recalling the cart in every visit. The same can happen if GDPR option is set off. In the case of activated GDPR mode and when a customer has not given consent for cookies placement, the recall of right cart is done by an encrypted…
VM AJAX CART module it's almost the same with the default Virtuemart Cart module plus 3 features: Cart is not preloaded Cart is loaded with AJAX on page load, this prevents from caching issues, you can cache entire site without worrying about the cached cart Can load default VM layout, this means at most cases this module will be compatible with your template override cart layout. Compatible with Joomla 2.5/3.x and Virtuemart 2.x - 3.x
Web Radio HTML5 Player Joomla module gives the ability to play audio streaming (web radio) It works for Shoutcast v1 & v2 and Icecast v2 Audio player based on MediaElements.js Features 1) HTML5 Player - Compatible all modern devices (and mobiles). Read more on MediaElements website 2) Parameter to choose HTTPS/HTTP protocol 3) Shoutcast v1 & v2 - Icecast v2 & Custom URL 4) Anti-cache audio link. Player automatically adds time-stamp before play button 5) Auto-Play (in some cases does not work due the Browser's policy) 6) Auto-Reconnect (If listener has no Internet connection the player can automatically refresh the page, if off-line period is over 30 seconds or force the "Play" button) 7) Custom URL. You can play any kind of audio source like mp3 sounds. 8) Audio Type (Ogg/Mp3/Wav) 9) HTML Message on top / bottom 10) Switch to native link. In case visitor does not hear anything, can switch to native Roadmap Hide player from robots (bandwidth save and more accurate stats) Troubleshoot: Player does not work If your website has HTTPS and your Streaming is http will not work under HTTPS (mixed content is blocked from all modern browsers). You have to disable the HTTPS from the player page. The best solution is to make your streaming source HTTPS compatible. If you are using MediaCP already has this feature. If you have CentovaCast then you have to contact with your Streaming Provider.Are you looking for reliable streaming host? We offer reliable streaming service, with EU servers,…
JoomDonation Eshop Alphabank GR (CardLink) Payment Plugin , μέσω της Redirection μεθόδου Το Alphabank JoomDonation Eshop payment plugin δίνει τη δυνατότητα στους πελάτες σας να πραγματοποιούν online συναλλαγές με χρήση της πιστωτικής τους κάρτας (VISA / MasterCard / Maestro / AmeEX). Η πληρωμή από τον πελάτη γίνεται στο περιβάλλον (secure webpage) της Τράπεζας AlphaBank, μέσω της Redirection μεθόδου.
The "VM Cart Menu" plugin for Virtuemart fixes the cart link and always adds the missing menu ID.
SSL Fixer make your site HTTPS compatible without need to change any http (unsecure) URL even if your have external links
The Server Cache plugin for Joomla manages the caching headers and boost up your site speed! It works nicely for NGINX and VARNISH.
Τhe VEL Checker module for Joomla checks your site for vulnerable extensions based on the official VEL database .
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