Extensions Live Updater

  • Joomla Version: 2.5 3.x
  • Extension: Plugin
  • Type: Free
  • Price (without Tax): 0.0
  • License: GPL License v2+

Universal third-party extensions updater plugin.

This plugins gives the ability to all developers to use a SIGNLE plugin to update their extensions (components/modules/plugins/packages).

This solution solves a problem for developers and webmasters.

Developers no longer need to develop any kind of update plugin and webmasters no longer need to maintain more than one plugin.

For Developers:

It's free and always will be. You can use only one plugin for ALL of your extensions! It's opensource and available to github too. If you need any extra features, just request it.

The problem:

Many developers daily create and maintain dozens of Joomla Extensions, most of them like me we need to add the auto-update feature in our paid extensions (and free extensions). So in case of module or component you have to provide a plugin in the package because the Joomla Update system works with plugin event

If you have 10 modules from 10 differrent developers then we force our users to install 10 updater plugins. This sucks for webmasters.

Why users & developers must maintain so much extensions for a single-simple task?

The Solution:

This plugin will handle ALL auto-update extensions, the only think you have to do is to add some parameters to your update XML in "downloads" tags

 If you had something like that

<downloadurl type="full" format="zip"><![CDATA[https://mysite.com/index.php?option=com_ars&view=release&id=12&format=raw]]></downloadurl>

replace it with
<downloadurl type="full" format="zip"><![CDATA[https://mysite.com/index.php?option=com_ars&view=release&id=12&format=raw&source=JExtUpdater&license=paid&type=component&extname=example]]></downloadurl>

The magic world is "=JExtUpdater"

It's too easy! Actually does not require any extra coding for your extension!

Also new event (onUpdateBeforePackageDownload) is fired for any plugin type but also for Module & Component! Read the documentation for more details


Parameters quick explaination:

anyName=JExtUpdater it's activates the Extensions Updater to handle the update

license=paid|free declare if extension it's free or paid!

type=component|module|plugin type of extensions

plgtype in case of plugin, we must declare the type (content/system/j2store/k2 etc)

extname=name of extensions without prefix (ex. mod_newsdisplays should be declared as newsdisplay)

keyparam= Delcare the name of XML parameter that users writes his download id/key

Can I run my own checks?

Yes, no problem! Just use a new event  (onUpdateBeforePackageDownload) is fired for any plugin type but also for Module & Component!

Read the documentation for more details


For developers:

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