The file is corrupted

After installing a licensed extension/addon you may get an fatal error the

The file /home/xxxx/public_html/tmp/install_xxxx/xxxxx.php is corrupted.

This is happening because you did not downloaded the right version.
Go to Services > My Licenses> Service-Name and click on left tab "Downloads", there you will see all files releated with your service

Usually you will see

"Extension Name PHP 5.6-7.2 for Ioncube loader v10", this normally should be OK but in same cases your web hosting company uses out of date ioncube loader (v6 usually), so you have to download the version for "Extension Name  PHP5 Ioncube loader v6", no matter if your PHP is 7.x

Using different zip package will work for you. If your Ioncube loader is older than v6 (example v4) then request from your webhost to upgrade it or upgrade the PHP 7.x usually the use Ioncube loader v10


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