WHMCS SMS Notify - Upgrading Steps

This article describes how to upgrade easily your WHMCS SMS NOTIFY addon to 3.x/4.x series.

Upgrading from 1.4.x to 3.x/4.x version
Because of many changes in database structure you MUST UNINSTALL the old version first.

1) Go to modules/admin and completely delete the "sms_notify" folder.
2) Extract and upload all files of new version (+language changes,+ template upload). Your FTP should ask for file overwriting select allow. (because of includes/hooks/sms_notify.php)
3) Go to WHMCS>Addon Modules>SMS Notify>Tools & Wizards and click at Re-install (DROP(delete) & re-CREATE the SMS Notify tables!)
4) You are done. Fill the license-key and go to settings and setup the SMS addon!

Upgrading from 2.x to 3.x/4.x+ version
SMS Notify 3.1+ or later changes the addon from legacy to Native mode. This mean that sms_notify from now on it will work under modules/addons/sms_notify/
Upload all files like normal upgrade. Visit the WHMCS>Addon Modules>SMS Notify you will see an upgrading message & a note message to delete the old directory modules/admin/sms_notify/ .
Before delete remember to move any modified or custom gateway! Gateways for 2.x version are compatible with 3.x

Upgrading from 3.x/4.x to 3.x+/4.x+ version

Simply overwrite all files. Visit the WHMCS>Addon Modules>SMS Notify you will see an upgrading message.

Blank Page? - Don't panic!

When a blank page is showing then a fatal php error has been occurred. That's why we suggest to delete the "sms_notify" folder and upload the new version because of none-used files from previous versions
To able to display the error go to WHMCS Setup> General Settings>[Tab] Other > Check the Tick to enable PHP Error Reporting (Do not leave enabled in live use)
An other way to do that (WHMCS 4.5.x) is to add at configuration file this: $display_errors=true;
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