WHMCS SMS Notify - How to add your own SMS gateway

Developers' Guide for WHMCS SMS NOTIFY v.3.x+

To create your custom gateway intergration for v3.x+ it's very easy! Just download the Development Kit 3.x+ Series and check the example gateway.

You can also check code from the other existing gateways in modules/addons/sms_notify/smsproviders folder like vsms.php or clickatell.php file .


How can I upgrade my old custom gateway integration file to 3.x (from 1.x versions) ?

Follow the simple steps:

1) Add the gateway's filename as prefix to every function in file. Example myapi_sendsms($params)

2) Find & Replace the $params["messsage"] to $params["message"]

3) Check the _gatewaydetails() and place your custom parameters fields. This will help you and us (if you share this file) to have flexible SMS API options. Also place the
$details["schedulesms"]=true; /*set true if gateway supports sms scheduling*/

4) Rename the sentsms function to sendsms

5) Done! If not works download the Dev Kit and check the other gateways code before contact us.

How to upgrade the SMS Notify from 1.x to 3.x+

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