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VM Shipping Estimator

  • Joomla Version: 2.5 3.x
  • Extension: Plugin Language
  • Type: Commercial
  • Price (without Tax): 18
  • License: GPL License v2+

Virtruemart Shipping Estimator on Product Details is an system plugin that adds AJAX shipping cost calculation functionality on your e-shop.

Client fills his shipping address once and is stored in a cookie, so if customer comes back it will remember his details.

Display's multiple shipping options

Great features supported

Address Validation: Unicode, Only Latin, Non-Latin

Shippinng Calculation on page load or by button

Cookie LifeTime

  Find/Replace Words with Joomla language strings

Caching requests per product / session

Override layout & css

Pre & Post Text

Abillity to prepend text to all shipments with override language

JQuery / Bootstrap options


Compatible with

  • Joomla: 2.5.x & 3.x
  • Virtuemart: 2.6.x & 3.x